Plus: What you need to know about the HEAT Act
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The percentage of patients discharged from short-term acute care hospitals to home health has risen from 11% in May 2019 to 19% one calendar year later, according to a new report. And while skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) received the lion's share of COVID-19 patients, overall discharges to SNFs declined. Read more here.
Industry News
Diving into the Home Health Emergency Access to Telehealth (HEAT) Act
The Medicare home health benefit does not currently permit the inclusion of telehealth services as a reimbursable service as part of the plan of care. Despite this, many home health agencies (HHAs) have found great value for their patients in including telehealth as part of care delivery and do so despite the lack of reimbursement. A new bill would provide reimbursement for HHAs during public health emergencies. Read more.
A New Frontier for Medtrade
After 28 educational sessions over two days and eight product demonstrations, Medtrade’s first virtual conference finished up its Nov. 4–5 run to positive reviews. With the COVID-19 pandemic still very much a factor in American life, virtual attendees watched familiar faces shed light on a wide variety of topics. And while the educational opportunities are fleeting at the usual in-person expo, the virtual version is offering on-demand access to all sessions, extending Medtrade’s reach beyond the week of the show. Here's what you missed.
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