Plus: New power mobility tech
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The long-awaited legislation still needs to pass the House. Read more.
Mike Magid
Franchised businesses took a hit in 2020. But homecare saw growth as the demand for care soared. So what's next? Griswold Home Care COO, Mike Magid, sat down with HomeCare to talk about it. Read more.
Your Complete Oxygen Portfolio
Learn more.
Industry News
Hiring and retaining best-fit caregivers is a struggle for home health agencies. One way to improve is to use tools designed to help you analyze applicants for your needs and preferred personality traits. In this e-book from Sprockets, you’ll learn how personality assessments can help you hire ideal caregivers and find out whether or not an applicant will stay long-term and succeed in their role. Download the e-book now.
The Latest in Power Mobility Tech
New technology for power mobility users is making life more accessible and safer. Read more.
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