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August 24, 2020


A Vote for Homecare & Hospice Funding
The House of Representatives has completed the budget for the Department of Health and Human Services, allocating $96 billion for fiscal year 2021. This funding is separate from the Medicare and Medicaid programs, as those are considered mandatory spending and not subject to the annual appropriations process. Here's what was funded.



Industry News
Sunrise Medical Completes Strategic Acquisition of Pediatric Industry Leaders  
Honor to Host Second Annual SAGE Conference  
Caring People Announces Multiple Acquisitions  
Complex Rehab Technology Awareness Week Broadcasts Access Message Nationwide  
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White Paper sponsored by Vohra Wound Physicians
White Paper Sponsored by Vohra Wound Physicians
Does Your Home Health Agency Effectively Practice Wound Care Under PDGM?
The Patient Driven Groupings Model has been in practice for more than half the year. Caring for wounds is one of the trickiest—and most rewarding—challenges under the new system.
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White Paper sponsored by PBE
White Paper Sponsored by PBE
Using Incontinence Products to Create Recurring Revenue
Incontinence products are the third most important HME business category, right after mobility and oxygen/CPAP. Click here to see steps you can use to optimize your sales in this $4+billion market.
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White Paper sponsored by
Sponsored by Change Healthcare
5 Opportunities to Help Improve Business Efficiencies and Revenue
Your staff needs timely information, visibility into the revenue cycle and advanced tools to make your business run efficiently. Read about a tool that can help you overcome five common challenges to optimize revenue and patient satisfaction.
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The Growth of Telegeriatrics
The Growth of Telegeriatrics
When nursing homes, hospitals and clinics shut down to all but critical care needs when COVID-19 hit, two crises took hold across the country: reduced access to health care services, and increased loneliness. This hit senior adults particularly hard; innovative telehealth programs are here to help. Read more.


Remote Monitoring for COPD
Remote Monitoring for COPD
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) continues to be a leading cause of death in the United States. Durable medical equipment providers continue to face challenges to addressing patient and caregiver needs and improving overall patient outcomes. Remote monitoring and telehealth offer new solutions for managing the disease. Find more details here.


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