Plus: Manage your respiratory fleet
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An error in the Common Working File has resulted in some LUPA claims being reimbursed incorrectly. Here's what CMS is doing to fix the error.
Mike Rozman
Making the decision to go into business for yourself can be daunting, and first you need access to capital. BoeFly's Mike Rozman sits down to talk about how franchising is changing. Read more.
Quality of Care Hits Home
Philadelphia Insurance
Industry News
Hiring and retaining best-fit caregivers is a struggle for home health agencies. One way to improve is to use tools designed to help you analyze applicants for your needs and preferred personality traits. In this e-book from Sprockets, you’ll learn how personality assessments can help you hire ideal caregivers and find out whether or not an applicant will stay long-term and succeed in their role. Download the e-book now.
Manage Your Respiratory Equipment More Efficiently
Proper management of respiratory equipment is often one of the most overlooked areas of the HME business. Here's how to better manage your fleet.
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