Plus: Mandatory vaccines—legal or not?
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Amazon is taking another step into the health care business. The retail giant announced this week that it will make its telehealth program available to other employers. Amazon Care is an app currently used by Amazon workers in its Washington headquarters to access clinicians 24/7 along with prescription delivery and in-home nurse visits. The focus is on primary and urgent care—but is another step in blurring the lines between in-home and office-based care. Read more about the project here
Also this week, Eli Lilly released the long-awaited results on its new Alzheimer’s drug, donanemab. Although they weren’t conclusive, the company is saying it did show slowing of cognitive and functional decline. In early-stage patients, those who took the drug had a better composite score for cognition and the ability to perform the activities of daily living than those who received the placebo. Read the New England Journal of Medicine summary
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Can You Require Your Employees to Get Vaccinated?
The short answer is yes. But you may not want to. Read more.
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