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Friday Look
There's some hot tech news out there this week. First off, ChristianaCare has created a new HIPAA-eligible home health skill for Amazon’s Alexa devices that it’s launching for clients. The Home Care Coach, as it’s called, lets providers customize patient care plans, and then allows patients to ask Alexa about prescriptions, exercises and more. In a news release about the launch, the company’s president and CEO says “all care that can be digital will be digital.” To better understand what the future of digital assistants might be in homecare, check out Laurie Orlov's story in our September issue 
On the darker side of tech news, OSF HealthCare System is informing patients about a data security incident at its vendor, Blackbaud, Inc. Someone accessed Blackbaud’s systems earlier this year and may have stolen patient information connected to OSF’s fundraising efforts, but not social security or credit card numbers. 
The health care community website The Mighty has an interesting weekend read about how home medical equipment (HME) supply chain issues are impacting fragile pediatric patients, with a specific look at issues occurring in California around vent circuits and other products. Let us know if this has been an issue for you. Read the story here. 

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Statistics show that 1 in 10 adults over age 60 suffers from elder abuse. In large part, this abuse is by home health care providers or another person the senior trusts. The most significant risk factor for abuse is the provider’s exclusive one-on-one exposure to the client, ranging from two to 24 hours a day. Because the senior may be isolated, others may not be there to recognize abuse or prevent it from happening or continuing. Sponsored by Philadelphia Insurance.
Recruitment is always at the top of homecare’s list of challenges—even more so in the midst of a pandemic. How do you find great candidates, screen them, hire them, bring them on board and keep them engaged at your organization? This new e-book guides you through the four critical areas to focus on to make recruiting work and limit turnover. Sponsored by Relias.
HME Opportunities in CBD
Cannabidiol (CBD) has captured a lot of attention recently. It can offer pain relief for joint or muscle discomfort with fewer severe side effects than pharmaceutical drugs, though it is not without risk. CBD advocates say the products can feature anti-inflammatory properties, promote bone growth, support joint and muscle health, suppress muscle spasms, and offer neuroprotective qualities. Read more.
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