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January 20, 2020


Senate Moves to Extend Homecare Protections
The bipartisan leadership of the Senate Finance Committee announced proposed legislation providing for the extension of several programs within Medicare and Medicaid. The legislation would continue programs that are currently on track to exhaust their current funding allocation—including the Medicaid Money Follow the Person program, protections against spousal impoverishment at home and community-based services and the independence at home demonstration.


CMS Moves On Complex Rehab
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced their strategy to implement the manual complex rehabilitation technology provisions that were incorporated into the omnibus bill that passed Dec. 20, 2019. The measures provide permanent exclusion for manual CRT wheelchairs from the competitive bidding program and also exempt manual CRT accessories from bidding-derived pricing for an 18-month period.



From Here to There: Defining Your Strategy
From Here to There: Defining Your Strategy
Every organization is on a path determined by a strategy developed and implemented over the years. They are here, headed toward a there. To get there, an organization must create and navigate a path.


Fighting Germs with Light
Fighting Germs with Light
Vital Vio, a home technology company, is making strides in antibacterial protection through light. Their new system for the home used LED technology in the violet wavelength to continuously clean surfaces and cut down on harmful bacteria.


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